Pink Sequin Butterfly Nipple Pasty

Pink Sequin Butterfly Nipple Pasty

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You know you love your teats, it has the right size, the perfect plumpness, and you want to give it all the love and exposure it deserves.

Of course, you don't want to be too free, so you are in the perfect place! Our Pink Sequin Butterfly Nipple Pastie is going to give your beautiful boobies the display they deserve without you worrying about awkward slips.

This diamond-clad piece will add sparkle and sexiness to your nakedness as you tease your lover. These have a dainty butterfly-shaped canvas that will mesmerize your lover as he watches you make your sexy dance.

Additionally, these are made from soft rubber, so you get that skin-like texture as you wear this on thin silks or delicate kinds of cotton. You will enjoy effortless slip protection without the hassle of a bra's wire or straps.

You will have to make sure that your breast area is well cleaned before you place this over the areola. Any oil or moisture will disturb the sticking property, so make sure you wipe the surface well with a clean cloth. Make sure you place it in the proper area before setting the pasties in.

When you finally install this, get your groove on and give it a good spin to make sure they are well placed. These beauties can stay in place for hours. You can sweat and make sweet love to your partner with this on, so don't fret.

Of course, with anything you use, make sure you give these some love so that you will be able to use this for a more extended period. You can wash this with warm water and gentle soap. Don't scrub this too much to avoid removing the adhesive.

With all this use and advantage, how can you say no to these lovely pieces? Grab these beautiful pasties today!


Color Pink
Material Soft Rubber
Dimension (inches)
Length: N/A
Width: N/A