Pink Heart Crystal P Spot Butt Plug
Pink Heart Crystal P Spot Butt Plug
Pink Heart Crystal P Spot Butt Plug
Pink Heart Crystal P Spot Butt Plug

People will always have something to say about you; don’t mind them anyway. Do whatever your heart tells you because--YOLO.

While the heart’s ultimate goal is to set your soul ablaze, this Pink Heart Crystal P Spot Butt Plug, on the other hand, wants so much more than that. Buckle up and get ready for your quest towards an explosive finish.

This chic and recherché butt plug is everything you need to plunge into your prostate gland's depths. With the right amount of pressure, this tool will stimulate your P-spot to ensure you are getting that powerful climax you deserve.

To begin, make sure to caress your perineum and bumhole for arousal with a silicone-based solution. Once you set the mood, grab this ass buddy and smother it with loads of lube.

Always remember that the ease of insertion lies with the proper lubrication. Take it easy and feel its every inch penetrating your sweet spot. When it is already in, you’ll instantly feel it pressing your prostate gland.

You can vie for multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms with this gizmo inside your ass in case you don't know yet. Do some Kegel and sphincter contractions until both of these muscles tire out. That’s the time you’ll be experiencing climactic resemblance. Well, that also serves as your cue to get into wanking your shaft to squirt all that cum out.

The base material of this piece is glass, making it sturdy. With this medium, the device boasts longevity when well-maintained. It is stiff and rigid so that you can go the extra mile of hardcore stuffing. It comes with a heart-shaped stopper to avoid the hassle of losing the whole thing inside your tushie.

Remember, it pays to be hygienic all the time, so it must wash this toy before and after use. Then, dry it with a clean cloth before storing it at room temperature.

Getting into that P-spot quest has never been this great, right? Add this to your cart now!

Color Pink
Material Glass
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A


Pink Heart Crystal P Spot Butt Plug

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