Pink Dick Large Prostate Massager
Pink Dick Large Prostate Massager
Pink Dick Large Prostate Massager
Pink Dick Large Prostate Massager

Today was supposed to be exceptional because it was the day you and your partner were about to get married. But a few weeks before the wedding, you found out that he was cheating on you. So you called off the wedding, despite the money you spent and the shame you were about to face the moment you’d break the news.

But no matter what he did, you still miss him. You miss his smile, his eyes, his laugh - everything about him. But the thing you miss the most is his big D, and by just thinking about his junk, you want to grab the phone and give him a call.

Wait just a minute! Before you make a regretful decision, why not get this Pink Dick Large Prostate Massager instead? Not only will this love tool hit all the hot spots in and out of your body, but it will also rock your body the right way, making you forget about your ex.

The toy features a knobby pecker head and a fully erect veiny shaft that rub the anal canal and hit the P-spot. Connected to this probe is a bulbous scrotum stimulator that tickles your balls the right way. Underneath this J-shaped device is a single-speed removable vibrator. Whether you use it by itself or with a massager, this source of throbbing joy will drain you dry in no time!

The love tool makes use of premium silicone, a material known for its outstanding durability, flexibility, and body-friendly properties. It is also waterproof, which means you can have wet and wild solo moments while taking a bath or shower. Best of all, it is easy to upkeep! A bowl of warm, soapy water is enough to disinfect this bad boy.

Let this Pink Dick Large Prostate Massager help you move on and forget about your ex. Buy one now!

Color Pink
Material Silicone
Dimension Length:
Dildo: 5.12 inches (13 cm)
Ball Stimulator: 1.97 inches (5 cm)
Dildo: 1.26 inches (3.25 cm)
Ball Stimulator: 0.75 inch (1.90 cm)

Pink Dick Large Prostate Massager

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