Personal Wellness Glass Prostate Massager
Personal Wellness Glass Prostate Massager
Personal Wellness Glass Prostate Massager
Personal Wellness Glass Prostate Massager
Personal Wellness Glass Prostate Massager

You have always been the ideal family man—hardworking, tough, and independent. You got everything you need and more, but you still find yourself discontented with all these, especially with the way you cum. Yes, it has always been satisfying, but it is never enough.

You often ask yourself, why does a hard, heart-stopping, and explosive climax seem unattainable? Don't lose hope just yet. We have the perfect O-buddy for you. Let our Personal Wellness Glass Prostate Massager do that for you.

As a man of strength and endurance, this baby is your match made from heaven. This glass toy comes with two variants. One styled with an anchor-like handle with a black semblance while the blue version takes a sphere end.

Make sure to be fully aroused once you set your goal to stimulating your P-spot. The more stirred you are; the swollen your prostate gland will be. Like the domino effect, you'll find it easy to heighten the sensation brought forth by this toy's insertion.

Keep calm, and take it easy. You can level up your game when you add a little amount of hotness or coldness onto your toy for temperature playing. Be patient, and keep on practicing contracting your Kegel and sphincter muscles until they are tired. After that, you'll experience out-of-this-world titillations until you finally attain that hard, heart-stopping, and explosive finish.

Always remember to never go for P-spot arousal without proper lubrication, especially when using this toy. Its stiff and rigid surface may tear the skin of your sphincter. Any lube will do with this toy, but if you don't ever want to put up with the hassle of reapplication now and then, you may opt to go for the silicone-based solution.

Tidy up this toy before and after use. Wash it with warm water and mild soap. Dry it thoroughly with a clean towel before storing it at room temperature to maintains its high quality.

Pay off all your hard work with an excellent orgasm. Add this to your cart now!

Color Black, Blue
Material Glass
Dimension Length:
Black- 5.47 inches (13.9 cm)
Blue- 6.06 inches (15.4 cm)
Black- 1.54 inches (3.9 cm)
Blue (plug)- 1.14 inches (2.9 cm)
Blue (handle)- 1.02 inches (2.6 cm)

Personal Wellness Glass Prostate Massager

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