Personal Happiness Beaded Prostate Wand
Personal Happiness Beaded Prostate Wand
Personal Happiness Beaded Prostate Wand
Personal Happiness Beaded Prostate Wand

Could staring at the ceiling be better than dozing off when you're bored? Let's get your hand busy and your ass filled with delight! The Personal Happiness Beaded Prostate Wand is what you need to stop wasting your time.

With four beads that will pop in your bottom, you'll be oblivious of the passing of time. It has a smooth, rounded tip that's perfect for prostate stimulation. You can easily maneuver the entire length--thanks to the ring handle. Loop your fingers on it and work it. This non-slip handle also prevents the toy from unwanted travel, giving you the confidence to leave it plugged in your bottom.

Enjoy the experience more by slathering this beady joy toy with lube. Use water-based lubricant as it's the compatible lube with silicone toys. And since it makes use of silicone, it feels soft as skin, but it is firm enough to dig your ass. Its flexibility makes it body-conforming, which is ideal for newbies. So if you are looking for a beginner's tool to massage your P-spot, then this beaded wand is suitable for the job.

This silicone toy is safe for body use. You'll never be pestered with skin irritations as it's hypoallergenic. It doesn't have an unwanted smell, either, because it's phthalate and BPA-free. And if you hate the cleaning part, this toy won't take so much of your time. Wash it with warm water and regular soap, dry, and it's good to go.

Gently glide it in with the help of lube, twisting the ring from time to time. Let the tip seek out your sweet spot, and once you've located it, rub the end against it with the right pressure to stimulate it until you reach the elusive Big O. Of course, you can only imagine unless you add it to your cart now!

Color Black
Material Silicone
Dimension Length:
Total Length - 8.86 inches (225 mm)
Handle – 2.05 inches (52 mm)
Ring - 2.13 inches (54 mm)
Tip - 0.71 inch (18 mm)
Beads - 1.18 inches (30 mm)


Personal Happiness Beaded Prostate Wand

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