Pear-Shaped Jeweled Butt Plug 2.76 to 3.74 Inches Long

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This plug is a unique blend of true craftsmanship and intelligent design aimed to let you enjoy anal pleasure in the safest way possible.

Our Pear-Shaped Jeweled Butt Plug 2.76 to 3.74 Inches Long is a great plug that will help you achieve your butt goals and more. This variant has a unique pear-shaped plug that will cater to those looking for fresh sensual vibrations in ass playing.  This model has an array of colored gemstones to choose from, that will match any mood you are in, from a very pretty yellow to an elegant black, we have got you covered!

The plug itself is made of premium steel, a great medium when you are in for a solid and heavy ass massage. Steel is also waterproof so you can play in the shower if that is your kink. This plug also features a flared base to make your anal playing safe as it will lock the toy outside the ass. This base will also enable you to enjoy a hands-free anal stimulation!

To have a safe and comfortable plug play, you have to remember some steps.  First, you always have to wash your toys as well as your hands to prevent bacteria from spreading.  It is also advisable to use a good amount of water-soluble lube to make an easier insert inside the ass.  You then have to take a comfortable position, then insert the plug using your fingers.  As you do this, you will feel the lusty caress the toy is rendering to the insides of your anal canal.  This is because the deep areas of the ass have a good amount of nerve endings that can be very sensitive even to the slightest touch.

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Handle:  Black, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Dark Purple, Light Blue, Light Green, Light Purple, Orange, Pink, Red, Rose Red, Transparent, Yellow, Dark Purple

Plug:  Silver

Type Jeweled Plugs

Handle:  Crystal Gemstone

Plug:  Stainless Steel



Handle:   N/A

Plug:  Small - 2.76 inches, Medium - 3.74 inches


Handle:   N/A

Plug:   Small - 1.10 inches, Medium - 1.34 inches