Pear-Shaped Bunny Tail Butt Plug 6.3 to 7.8 inches long


Hop into the crazy world of anal sex play with our bunny tail plug! This amazing plug will make your sex life feel like nothing you have ever experienced before! If you have not tried butt tail plugs before, then prepared to be blown away!

We introduce you to our Pear-shaped Bunny Tail Butt Plug 6.3 to 7.8 inches long, a sex toy guaranteed to enhance your sexual satisfaction! When you order our bunny tail plug, we will send in a random color so you will be surprised on which color you will get. Possible random colors that can be sent are black, purple, blue, or pink. It is available in a small, medium, or a large size depending on your level of anal plug experience.

The butt plug is so smooth and shaped like a pear for easy insertion. It ensures a snuggly fit to your bum. It is made of lightweight and medical-grade aluminum alloy material. In addition, the butt plug’s flared bottom base ensures safety and comfort, so no matter how wild it gets in the bedroom, there is no worry that the plug will get lost inside your bum.

At the end of the plug is a rabbit tail shaped like a cute pompom ball. The rabbit tail handle is made of high-quality synthetic hair. Do some role-play and jump like a rabbit in front of your lover. Showing it off and wearing it will surely bring lustful thoughts into your lover’s head.

You need to clean your bunny tail plug before and after use for your health and safety. After cleaning, slather on your favorite water-based or silicone-based lubricant and slide it right in. Now, relax and enjoy the different sensations of having a toy tickling the insides of your butt.

Be a sexy bunny rabbit and add our Pear-shaped Bunny Tail Butt Plug 6.3 to 7.8 inches long into your cart now!


Handle: Black, Purple, Blue, Pink

Plug: Silver

Type Tail Plug

Handle: synthetic fur

Plug: aluminum alloy



handle: N/A

plug: 3.54 inches plug: 2.76 inches (Small) 3.74 inches (Medium) 4.33 inches (Large)


handle: N/A

plug: 3.54 inches plug: 1.10 inches (Small) 1.34 inches (Medium) 1.61 inches (Large)