Pear-Shaped Blue Silicone Shower Enema


If you only want to focus on making yourself clean and feeling fresh, then our Pear-Shaped Blue Silicone Shower Enema is the only thing you need.

Preparing for a wild night of action goes beyond choosing the right clothes, getting your hair done, and preparing for dinner. If you want to impress your partner, then you have to make sure that you are ready to welcome some pounding from behind. A clean anus is a signal that you are ready to welcome endless possibilities. Our Pear-shaped Shower Enema may look simple but gets the job done in making sure you are super clean for hassle-free anal gameplay.

This shower enema is as simple as it gets. It's small, portable, and easy to use. The pump has a shape of a pear that can fill up to 100ml of liquid. It has a total length of 5.51 inches including the tube that is more than enough to reach the right spot to clean. This remarkable product is made of medical-grade plastic so you can be assured that it's safe and free from toxic.

Because of the size of this product, you can easily maneuver it in your anus to make sure you are clean. You can even take this with you anywhere you go for unexpected romantic moments of anal gameplay.

Cleaning your Pear-shaped Blue Shower Enema is easy. Before and after each use, soak it in some warm water with antibacterial soap before wiping it dry. Make sure to keep it in a clean container or purse until your next use to keep it from accumulating dirt.

If you are ready to do some hassle-free cleaning, then make sure to get our Pear-Shaped Blue Silicone Shower Enema. All you’ve got to do is click that “Add to Cart” button.

Color Blue
Type Shower Enema

Handle: Medical Grade Plastic 

Plug: Medical Grade Plastic 



handle: 2.36 inches

plug: 5.51 inches


handle: 2.36 inches

plug: N/A