Peacock Eye Crystal Quartz Gemstone Egg with Stand

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A troubled mind deprives one of good, restful sleep. If you lack the energy to go through the day due to lack of z’s, you need to own a piece of Kambaba Jasper. This gemstone can banish your harmful thoughts and give you deep and peaceful slumber.

Our Peacock Eye Crystal Quarts Gemstone Egg with Stand is carved from this crystal to bring you a masterpiece made by Mother Nature.

Infused with Nature’s green energy, this yoni egg showcases an incredible intermingling of green shades in circles and swirls. A true Nature’s piece-of-art, this can relieve stress and induce serenity as you gaze at it. Hold it in your hand to allow it to eliminate all the negative energies in your aura.

Furthermore, this vaginal stone can be a perfect Kegel trainer. This stone is carefully polished not only to captivate the eyes but also to bring comfort and pleasure when tucked in the most private part.

Why should you need a yoni egg in the first place? The fact that you’re reading this means you’re looking for an ideal Kegel exerciser that can resolve some feminine issues. Perhaps you’re sick and tired of those pestering leaks when you cough or sneeze, or even laugh. This is a clear sign that you have a weak pelvic floor. Maybe, sex has become less pleasurable because your yoni has become loose and stretchy.

Our yoni egg can address both of these issues as it guarantees to strengthen and tone your pelvic and vaginal muscles.

Every woman needs to reinvigorate her sexual prowess to continue enjoying blissful orgasms that bring glow and happy hormones. Because you deserve the best, we’re offering you the Peacock Eye Crystal Quartz Gemstone Egg with Stand at a very good price.

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Color Green
Stone/Crystals Kambaba Jasper
Size (inches) N/A
Healing Properties/ Health Benefits Enhances Libido & Reawakens Sensuality, Strengthens Pelvic Floor Muscles, Resolves Uterine Prolapse & Incontinence, Promotes Circulation in the Female Reproductive System, Increases Sensitivity, Stimulates Natural Lubrication Pre/Post Menopause, Tightens Vaginal Walls, Enhances Intimacy, Assists in Kegel Exercises, Boosts Vaginal Orgasms, Calms & Soothes Emotional Upheaval, Relieves Stress, Boosts Fertility, Overcomes Impotence