Overwhelm Your Senses Electro Nipple Clamp Set

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Are you willing to go through all odds just to find the perfect sex toy for you? Your search ends here. This Overwhelm Your Senses Electro Nipple Clamp Set holds all the satisfaction you'll be needing; you won't be looking anywhere else anytime soon.

There's no time to play around with these nipple clamps; they mean business. Along with the butt plug included in the set, each trinket is made from solid body-safe metal. This material is built to last for long-term use and high quality, which means it will never rust. It also opens up the doors to other features, which you will find out further on.

Your breasts may sometimes hold the key to a mind-blowing orgasm. Whether you believe it or not, nipple clamps do more than just keep your melons on hold.

When you start to use our Overwhelm Your Senses Electro Nipple Clamp Set, you want to make sure that your nipples are erect first, then secure them with the clamps. You'll feel your nipples getting numb, which is exactly what you want to achieve.

While the clamps are getting busy doing their thing, you can also use the ribbed teardrop shaped butt plug to work on your rear end. Its ribbed design makes it more stimulating to use, and the flat base acts as a stopper and a handle at the same time.

Both the nipple clamps and the butt plug can be connected to a host power supply. This sends a buzz to the sex toys, which adds up to the number of surprises this set has in store for you. You can control the intensity of the current with a push of the button or just choose from the eight different modes it has.

Give yourself a treat of experiencing different lustful sensations all in one with our Overwhelm Your Senses Electro Nipple Clamp Set.

Color Silver
Material Metal
Type Electro Nipple Clamps
Dimension (inches)


Clamps: N/A 
Butt Plug: 2.95 in.


Clamps: N/A
Butt Plug: 1.18 in.
Weight: N/A