Orbs of Masturbation Pearl Anal Beads
Orbs of Masturbation Pearl Anal Beads
Orbs of Masturbation Pearl Anal Beads

You are planning to give your girl a gift on your anniversary to commemorate the day she said, “I do.” But you know that she is not a typical lady. She does not like roses, jewelry, and chocolates. And because of this, you are having a difficult time finding the perfect gift.

Your search is finally over, for we offer you our Orbs of Masturbation Pearl Anal Beads! Now don’t be deceived by its look. This string of white pearls may look classy, but it is naughty. Once the beads are in, this love cord will give sensational pressure and stimulating pleasure in her sexy back. And with the ring-pull attached to it, you can pull the knobs out without inserting your fingers!

To start your anal play, you have to set the mood in your room. Play some sultry songs or dim the lights—whatever suits you. Then, find a position that you and your lover are comfortable with, and don’t forget to lube up the toy and her ass. When your partner is ready, start inserting the beads one by one, or you can push it all in. Take a few breaks if needed. When she is about to come, slowly tug it out for enhanced pleasure.

This string of love beads measures about 9.84 inches long and 0.87 inches wide. It also makes use of PLA (Polylactic Acid), a kind of plastic material that is environment-friendly. And when the material used cares for Mother Earth, we can assure you that it cares about your body, too! So if you or your partner has severe allergies, then this toy is your best bet.

Give your lady a gift she can’t resist! Get our Orbs of Masturbation Pearl Anal Beads, and we will have your order delivered straight to your address.

Color White
Material PLA
Total Length: 9.84 inches
Insertable Length: N/A
Handle: N/A
Beads: 0.87 inch

Orbs of Masturbation Pearl Anal Beads

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