Open Leg Spreader Sex Swing
Open Leg Spreader Sex Swing
Open Leg Spreader Sex Swing

You've heard people boasting about how they enjoy sex in different positions. But all you can do is wish that you have the agility and stamina for a seemingly acrobatic way of fucking. With the all-new Open Leg Spreader Sex Swing, you can stop wishing and start fulfilling your fantasies of banging in a dozen ways.

Spread your legs wide and be open for deep and blissful penetration or mouth-watering oral sex. This love swing sets up quickly and easily. All you need is a sturdy, solid door. Place the tubular metal rods found on the harness ends over the door, close the door, and voila! An instant swing to make your bonking more thrilling!

Your pleasure comes first, but that doesn't mean your comfort is not our priority. That's why the main strap (intended for the butt) is wide and padded for you to stay up all night and get lucky without your hip feeling numb. We call it the "leg spreader" because it comes with padded stirrups that let you open wide with ease and comfort. Your feet can rest on them or pull them up to your thighs so you can wrap your partner with your legs while he's dicking you.

You can also quickly adjust the straps for better alignment, so height isn't really a problem. Some say door swings are not as versatile as other models, but with this one, which is complete with a butt strap, stirrups, and handles, you can surely come up with a dozen positions.

Prepare for action-packed door banging because once you start, you can't stop until you get your fill. See? You even have the door as your back support.

Quick to install and quick to remove after play, this is a great swing to take with you when you go out of town. Order now and enjoy soon!

Color Black
Material Nylon
Dimensions (inches)
Length: Adjustable
Width: N/A
Maximum Load Bearing Capacity: N/A

Open Leg Spreader Sex Swing

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