Subtle Art of Metal Chastity Device
Subtle Art of Metal Chastity Device
Subtle Art of Metal Chastity Device
Subtle Art of Metal Chastity Device

Be warned that pretending to be a disgruntled beer-drinking hustler won't be an easy task. If it were, the world would be squirming with tough guys who speak in a southern drawl. But fortunately, at the moment, we can hook you up with the "Not Getting Off" metal chastity device that will at least have given you that former Heavyweight champ's stunt double vibe.

You will instantly feel a subtle yet relentless motivation in doing just the right thing upon wearing this cock cage. It will bring your sweetheart a peace of mind that you won't fall into temptation by other women or pornography when wearing this. It will be a naughty secret that will remind you of your partner wherever you are.

This chastity device is top of the line which is made from high-quality, 304-grade stainless steel. This metal chastity device is 3.27 inches long with an inner diameter of 1.28 inches. You can choose between four different sized rings: 1.42, 1.57, 1.77, and 1.97 consecutively. This cock cage features a new irregular-shaped base ring. The ergonomically curved design is more suitable for the human body, and the arc design makes the cage more convenient and comfortable to wear.

With this device, you can grant your partner the power of dominance when you lock up your cock. But for how long depends on the master or the mistress to decide. The device's structure is also inviting for the mistress or master to seduce and tease you if they enjoy BDSM. You'll surely have a fun-filled evening trying to fight off all those sexual urges.

Cleanliness is also given a good amount of consideration before manufacturing this cage. To clean it, simply wash the metal cage using an anti-bacterial, fragrance-free soap. Then completely rinse the device with clean, lukewarm water. We also recommend soaking the product in boiling water for ten to fifteen minutes to disinfect thoroughly. Or, you can disinfect further by spraying the metal with a 75% rubbing alcohol. Use a soft, dry towel to pat dry all excess water. Go ahead and order this cage today and your partner will be overjoyed to see you wearing it!

Color Silver
Type Male Chastity Device
Material Stainless Steel
Ring Dimensions


Extra-small - 1.42 inches
Small - 1.57 inches
Medium - 1.77 inches
Large - 1.97 inches

Cock Cage Dimensions


83 mm (3.27 inches)


32 mm (1.25 inches)


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Subtle Art of Metal Chastity Device

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