Necklace Type Silver Nipple Clamps
Necklace Type Silver Nipple Clamps
Necklace Type Silver Nipple Clamps
Necklace Type Silver Nipple Clamps
Necklace Type Silver Nipple Clamps

Each of your nipples is a treasure trove of nerve endings, which is why you love it when they are nibbled or sucked by your partner during foreplay. For an all-new kind of sensations, why not try our Necklace Type Silver Nipple Clamps, so you can get continuous stimulation while your partner’s mouth and hands get busy with the other parts of your body?

This product is replete with great features, which will provide you and your partner a great time behind closed doors. It has four adjustable nipple clamps for you and your partner to enjoy, because men, too, have nipples that should never be ignored.

These nipple clamps are attached to metal chains, which are in two different lengths, shorter for the one to wear the necklace and longer chains to reach your lover’s nipples. These chains not only add weight to the clamps but also build greater intimacy and connection because if you try to move away, you’ll hurt both his and yours.

Looking closely at the nipple clamps, we can easily say how meticulously they were constructed. They have tips with a rubber coating to prevent hurting your nipples. Each of the clamps is also equipped with a screw, which allows you to adjust how tight or loose the squeeze on your nipples should be. Given this adjustable feature, these clamps are great for beginners and experienced nipple players alike.

Whether you like pleasure-pain or plain pleasure, your wish is granted. Make them tight, and you’ll get that painful pinch. Tug the chains; then, you’re adding pressure, which will make it painful in a good way. Use the screw to find your sweet spot, then from this point, you can make the sensation more intense as you gain more experience.

With the Necklace Silver Nipple Clamps, it’s never impossible to achieve nipplegasm and orgasm at the same time. Buy now!

Color Silver
Material Metal+PVC
Type Adjustable Nipple Clamps
Dimension (inches)


Clips: .1.97 in.
Chains: 7.87 in. and 17.32 in.
Width: N/A
Weight: N/A


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Necklace Type Silver Nipple Clamps

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