Natural Yellow Jade Gemstone Egg

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Aging and menopause are inevitable, and some women make them as excuses not to have sex. Some women, not you. Unlike them, for you, sex does not expire and should not be limited to those who are "young." Yes, childbirth, aging, and menopause take a toll on our sexuality, but that doesn't mean nothing can be done, right?

To maintain your vagina's vigor, take this brilliant Natural Yellow Jade Gemstone Egg as your personal Kegel trainer. Its vibrant hue is really hard to turn down, isn't it? And who could resist such brilliance that is replete with benefits? Yellow jade is treasured not only because it's rare and extremely tough but because it has the power to attract good luck and good fortune, not to mention the many health benefits, spiritual upliftment, and personal growth it brings. It's a medium yoni egg that measures approximately 1.88" x1.37, which is ideal for those women who have experienced doing their Kegel exercises with a yoni egg. It's also perfect for beginners who are persistent and determined to bring back the allure of their yonis. If truth be told, no man would love to penetrate a vagina that is loose and stretchy because, honestly, there's not much pressure for pleasure in that. On your part, you will also find it less enjoyable, less sensational as your love hole becomes less sensitive to the stimulation. Need we go further discussing how lousy sex can be with a wilted flower?

Thanks to an expert carver who turned this beautiful crystal into a yoni egg which will help you in your mission to tighten your cunt so you can continue enjoying sizzling moments with your lover with an intensely orgasmic ending. Trust us, your libido will tell you "more!" and good thing, he'll want you in bed more and more.

Be a healthier, sexier, lustier YOU with Natural Yellow Jade Gemstone Egg and enjoy nights of carnal pleasure. Purchase it today and look forward to exciting days ahead!

Color Yellow
Stone/Crystals Yellow Jade
Size (inches) approx. 1.88”x1.37”
Healing Properties/ Health Benefits Enhances libido & reawakens sensuality – Relieves menstrual pain & PMS - Strengthens pelvic floor muscles – Resolves uterine prolapse & incontinence - Increases sensitivity – Promotes fertility - Increase natural lubrication pre/post menopause - Tighten vaginal walls - Enhances intimacy – Serves as a natural tool for Kegel exercises – Boosts vaginal orgasms – Promotes emotional stability -Improves blood circulation – Boosts metabolism – Eliminates fatigue – Enhances immunity - Promotes optimism, enthusiasm, wisdom, and intellect,