Natural White Gemstone Jade Egg
Natural White Gemstone Jade Egg
Natural White Gemstone Jade Egg

Defy aging and menopause and reclaim what they’ve taken away from you—tight and elastic vagina, natural lubrication, and libido—by using the power of the Natural White Gemstone Jade Egg.

This yoni egg is carved from natural White Jade, a stone packed with healing properties. It’s also the stone that makes you feel calm and peaceful despite distressful events taking place in your life. Hold it close to you or better yet, put it inside your yoni and feel its healing wonders working within you.

This large-sized yoni egg weighs 90g—the size and weight that is ideal for beginners. If you haven’t done a Kegel exercise with a yoni egg before, then this is the perfect one to kickstart your journey towards sexual rejuvenation. A large yoni egg is a lot easier to hold in compared to a small egg. Do your Kegel exercises with this white gemstone to build more muscle tissues in your pelvic floor and vaginal walls. Once you have denser, firmer inner muscles, you can transition to smaller eggs.

Although it is undrilled, you can easily extract this oval-shaped egg when you finish your workout. While in a squatting position, relax your Kegel muscles to let go of the egg. You can also use your finger to retrieve it. The advantage of this undrilled egg is that it’s a lot easier to clean or sanitize.

Your yoni time should be the perfect moment to reconnect with yourself and get intimate with your body. As much as possible, use your own natural lubrication for that pleasurable, slippery slide. Once it’s tucked in, squeeze and relax your Kegel muscles alternately. While you’re into this flow, you can integrate it with other forms of physical exercise, including “sexercise”!

With the Natural White Gemstone Jade Egg, you can age gracefully and enjoy sex come what may. Buy it as a gift for yourself!

Color White
Stone/Crystals Natural White Jade
Size (inches) N/A
Weight: 90g
Healing Properties/ Health Benefits Increases libido & reawakens sensuality, strengthens pelvic floor muscles, resolves uterine prolapse & incontinence, relieves menstrual cramps, increases sensitivity, boosts fertility, increases natural lubrication pre/post menopause, tightens vaginal walls, eases childbirth (less tissue damage) enhances intimacy, boosts vaginal orgasms


Natural White Gemstone Jade Egg

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