Natural Tigers Eye Egg 4pcs Set

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Unlock hidden talents, in bed or out in the world through yoni egg crystal healing with our Natural Tigers Eye Egg 4-Piece Set. Tiger’s eye is a mesmerizingly gorgeous golden brown crystal recognizable by its yellow band and the shimmer that flicks like a tiger’s eye. Continued use of this gemstone has long been believed to enhance characteristics of strength, unwavering focus, determination, and stealth.

Every day, we face a lot of challenges that test our patience, faith, and peace of mind. So, it’s only natural that we continually look for ways to maintain our composure without sacrificing too much of our energy and physical health. A single stone from our Natural Tigers Eye Egg 4-Piece Set kept close by while you’re in the middle of cut-throat negotiations, can help you keep a clear mind. If your work and personal life rely on you to make big decisions all the time, then use this stone to gain clarity and make tough calls without emotions clouding your judgment.

If you’re in the process of fighting an addiction like smoking, alcoholism or gambling, it won’t hurt one bit if you carry around an egg or two from our Natural Tigers Eye Egg 4-Piece Set. Know a friend or two who need help dealing with anxiety or fear? Give this away as a present. The gemstone is great for business owners who need a keen eye for details and a great deal of confidence.

Protect your energy, restore your balance and heal your yoni through Kegels with our Natural Tigers Eye Egg 4-Piece Set. These stones will keep you from getting drowned by stress as well as bring you good luck and prosperity. You can use them as captivating pieces of home décor, aids for meditation or tools for Kegels. Owning this set will surely do you a world of good!

Color Golden brown with yellow band
Stone/Crystals Natural Tiger’s Eye
Size (inches) N/A
Healing Properties/ Health Benefits Retains Focus, Enhances Mental Clarity, Gives Self-Confidence, Creates Self Awareness, Helps in Dealing with Anxiety and Fear, Brings Good Luck and Prosperity, Increases/Enhances Libido & Reawakens Sensuality - Prevents Menstrual Pain & PMS, Strengthens Pelvic Floor Muscles - Uterine Prolapse & Incontinence, Balances Estrogen Levels - Increase Sensitivity. Infertility - Promotes Nerve Growth, Increases Natural Lubrication pre/post Menopause - Tightens Vaginal Walls, Makes Childbirth Easier (less tissue damage) - Promotes Circulation & Blood Flow, Enhances Intimacy