Natural Tiger Eye Crystal Gemstone Egg

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A woman is powerful, invincible, and wise, but at some point, she also hits rock bottom. If you’re that woman who needs help to be able to rise from the ashes like a phoenix, take this Natural Tiger Eye Crystal Gemstone Egg. It’s a yoni egg carved from authentic Tiger’s Eye, a stone revered for its power to heal, deflect negative energies, and attract good fortune.

This large, undrilled yoni egg captures the amazing “all-seeing, all-knowing eye,” the eye of the king of beasts. The warm, radiant yellow-golden circular bands display nature’s grand masterpiece, which only a highly skilled stone carver can bring justice to it. As the stone is created and designed by nature and handcrafted for your yoni’s use, no two gemstone eggs look exactly the same; but you can expect the same results and benefits. It’s polished to make it silky smooth not only to attract the eyes but also to ensure comfort and pleasure when it’s inside your pussy.

About 1.57”-1.97” in size, this large yoni egg is excellent for women who have just decided to make a better version of themselves-healthier, more self-assured, and sexier. It’s a yoni egg whose purpose is to bring healing, to promote reproductive health, and enhance pleasure in bed. If you’re undergoing a menopausal phase, you could be experiencing low sexual drive and dryness in that area. Or, if you’ve given birth a couple of times, you could have already noticed that your lady bits have become stretchy or loose. All these can be reversed if you commit yourself to doing Kegel workouts with this gemstone egg. With a regular session with this incredible egg, you’ll regain your sexual libido and natural lubrication. You’ll also have a stronger pelvic floor to prevent prolapse of lower vital organs and, last but not least, you’ll have a tighter cunt which will definitely heighten your orgasms.

All these benefits and more with our Tiger’s Eye yoni egg. Purchase now!

Color Brown
Stone/Crystals Tiger’s Eye
Size (inches) approx. 1.57”-1.97”
Healing Properties/ Health Benefits Enhances libido & reawakens sensuality - Strengthens pelvic floor muscles – Resolves uterine prolapse & incontinence - Increases sensitivity – Promotes fertility - Increase natural lubrication pre/post menopause - Tighten vaginal walls - Enhances intimacy – Serves as a natural tool for Kegel exercises – Boosts vaginal orgasms – Enhances will power and emotional stability – Reduces anxiety – Increases vitality and strength – Restores balance to the body on all levels – boosts the endocrine system – Resolves affective disorder and depression – Alleviates nightmares