Natural Semi Gemstone Egg

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This lustrous Natural Semi Gemstone Egg is carved from Opal, one of the most favored semi-precious stones not only for its inherent beauty but also for its amazing healing properties.

One of nature’s greatest gifts, it’s carved by a gemstone artist to bring it to you in the form of this Natural Semi Gemstone Egg. To give you more delight, pleasure, and comfort, the egg is polished until it has that perfect smoothness. This translucent masterpiece will inspire you to do your Kegel workout regularly to achieve stronger pelvic muscles and tighter vaginal walls. Childbirth, aging, and menopause are the main reasons why women’s pelvic floor becomes weak and their vagina loses elasticity and firmness. While the causes are inevitable, there’s definitely a sure way to reverse the effects. No, we’re not referring to vaginoplasty, we meant using this yoni egg to assist you in doing your Kegel exercise.

It’s a medium-sized egg, measuring about 1.57”x0.98”, and as such, it’s ideal for the experienced users, but beginners can also give it a try. Although it is undrilled, rest assured that extracting it from your vagina is a simple process. All you need to do is squat, relax your inner muscles, then gravity will pull it down due to its weight. You might worry it could get stuck inside, but believe us, it will eventually come out for as long as you don’t tense those muscles. Relaxation is key to extracting it out.

During your session with this egg, remember to sanitize by wiping it with a clean gauze doused in vodka or any hard liquor. As much as possible, use your own natural lubrication for that sensational slippery slide. Squeeze your PC muscles and relax them alternately to tone them. Once you’ve gotten used to this routine and you can confidently hold in your egg, you can do yoga, go jogging, or just be out and about. You can even enjoy sexual intercourse with it inside!

Experience amazing, incredible orgasms and enjoy much healthier sexuality with the help of this egg. Buy for yourself and your friends as well!

Color White
Stone/Crystals Opal
Size (inches) 1.57 * 0.98 in.
Healing Properties/ Health Benefits Reawakens sensuality, resolves uterine prolapse & incontinence, increases sensitivity. boosts fertility , tightens vaginal walls, eases childbirth, enhances intimacy, boosts vaginal orgasms, promotes natural lubrication, strengthens pelvic floor muscles, improves circulation & blood flow to organs & muscles, promotes intimacy, increases libido, enhances vaginal orgasms - Eases childbirth