Natural Red Jasper Gemstone Egg with Wooden Stand
Natural Red Jasper Gemstone Egg with Wooden Stand
Natural Red Jasper Gemstone Egg with Wooden Stand

Super Woman—that’s who you are but at some point, you feel drained and exhausted from your day-to-day tasks, and at the end of the day, you’re no longer in the mood to make love. When your stamina dwindles, your libido does, too. Well, here’s some great news. You can now be that Super Woman who doesn’t neglect her partner’s need in bed with this Natural Jasper Gemstone Egg with wooden Stand!

Red Jasper is one of the most in-demand stone because it’s known to energize the body and relieve stress. What’s more, this terracotta red-brown stone with dark flecks is touted as the “Stone of Passion” as it restores and rejuvenates one’s libido. What’s more, it’s been proven to promote sexual compatibility among couples. One of nature’s amazing gifts to mankind, this stone is packed with benefits that are too many to mention.

To bring you this present from Mother Earth, a gemstone artist handcrafted this Natural Red Japers Gemstone Egg to perfection so that you won’t just stare at it or display it but will also enclose it in the most private part of your body. It is a medium-sized yoni egg measuring 1.57”x1.18”, a size meant for intermediate users. Beginners may find this size of an egg challenging to keep in, but with constant practice, they’ll enjoy this egg working their PC muscles during their Kegel workouts. It comes with a beautiful wooden base so you can use it as an ornament in your home or office, where you do your work to stimulate focus, creativity, and unique and fresh ideas.

It’s an undrilled yoni egg. If you’re worried it could get stuck or lost inside, fret not. A yoni egg has nowhere else to go except where you intend it to be. To extract it from your love hole, simply squat and relax your PC muscles and it will slide out.

After a few moons of regular Kegel exercises with Natural Red Jasper Gemstone Egg with Wooden Stand, you’ll be reaping the benefits. Buy one for yourself now!

Color Terracotta red-brown
Stone/Crystals Red Jasper
Size (inches) 1.57 * 1.18 inches
Healing Properties/ Health Benefits Promotes Natural Lubrication, Strengthens Pelvic Floor Muscles, Increases Circulation & Blood Flow to Organs & Muscles, Promotes Intimacy, Increases Libido, Enhances vaginal Orgasms, Boosts fertility - Relieves stress, Increases physical stamina


Natural Red Jasper Gemstone Egg with Wooden Stand

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