Carnelian Yoni Egg | Naturally Red Crystal Egg

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Unleash the goddess in you with the use of a stone that brings health and wellness benefits into your life. Say hello to the Natural Red Carnelian Crystal Egg.

If you are looking for something that can help improve overall health, then you should give this yoni egg a try. This powerful stone reinvigorates your physical energy. It lets you do a number of tasks and activities without feeling tired.

For those women who are dealing with reproductive and sexual issues, the healing properties of the Carnelian stone can certainly help you. Using this can increase a woman's fertility as well as restore her sex drive. People who are going through sexual frigidity and impotence can seek the aid of the Natural Red Carnelian Crystal Egg.

All these can be addressed by incorporating the Carnelian stone into your Kegel exercises. These routines strengthen the vaginal walls and play a vital role in intensifying our orgasms.

In addition to its healing benefits, this vaginal stone can also help improve your mental health and spiritual growth.

It has the ability to boost our creative sides. It stimulates positive thinking and emotional stability. If you feel like you are losing confidence and courage, carry the Natural Red Carnelian Crystal Egg with you, and it will make you feel better.

In moments when you need to give your 100 percent, this stone increases your focus and concentration. It allows you to fully commit yourself to the tasks you are doing. It also fuels your passion and growth in whatever you intend to do or to become.

Indeed, our Natural Red Carnelian Crystal Egg is the perfect stone to use to improve all aspects of your life. Buy this vaginal rock and achieve holistic healing!

Color Red
Stone/Crystals Natural Red Carnelian Crystal Quartz
Size (inches) N/A
Healing Properties/ Health Benefits Enhances Overall Health, Stimulates Physical energy, Increases Fertility, Helps Overcome Sexual Anxiety, Eases Menstrual & Menopausal Symptoms, Overcomes Frigidity & Impotence, Restores Sex Drive, Supplies Blood to the Organs & Tissues, Promotes Spiritual Energy, Improves Concentration, Increases Courage & Self-Confidence, Increases Focus, Realization & Self-Actualization