Natural Obsidian Crystal Gemstone Jade Egg
Natural Obsidian Crystal Gemstone Jade Egg
Natural Obsidian Crystal Gemstone Jade Egg

Deep black, mystical, and powerful, Obsidian is valued for its healing wonders. It is also a stone known to bring exceptional career opportunities, attract enduring love, and to bestow serene beauty in women who have aged. It’s carved into the shape of an egg by a gemstone artist and comes to you in the beautiful form of the Natural Obsidian Crystal Gemstone Jade Egg so that you can take advantage of its maximum power by wearing it inside you.

This shiny large black Obsidian yoni egg will assist you in your Kegel exercises to enhance your libido, boost your orgasms, and improve intimacy in the bedroom. It’s drilled so that it can accommodate a string for easy retrieval once you’re done with your yoni regimen. You can also use it as a pendant to drive away negativities in your environment. Measuring 1.97”x1.38”, it’s meant for women who have never used any yoni eggs before. If you’re one of them, start your journey with this black yet gleaming stone.

Your time with your Obsidian yoni egg should be a special moment. Set a quiet, relaxing ambiance in your room with meditative music in the background. Wash this egg with mild soap and rinse it thoroughly. Or you can simply wipe it with a clean gauze doused in vodka or any hard liquor available. Avoid rubbing alcohol as this will undoubtedly irritate your precious love hole. Once you’ve prepared your egg, prepare yourself as well to get into the mood. Hold it in your hand and meditate with it for a while. As you’ve entered a relaxed state, get intimate with your body by touching and caressing your pleasure spots. Once your pussy starts to bring forth its own lubrication, insert the egg with the larger end first.

When it’s tucked between those two folds, contract and release your PC muscles to strengthen and tone them. In a couple of weeks, with a regular Kegel workout, you’ll be reaping the benefits.

If you desire to be wanted in bed, then make it tighter. The Natural Obsidian Crystal Gemstone Jade Egg is just a click away!

Color Black
Stone/Crystals Obsidian
Size (inches) 1.97x1.38 inches
Healing Properties/ Health Benefits Increases libido & reawakens sensuality, strengthens pelvic floor muscles, resolves uterine prolapse & incontinence, increases sensitivity, increases natural lubrication pre/post Menopause, tightens vaginal walls, eases childbirth (less tissue damage) enhances intimacy, serves as natural tool for Kegel exercises, boosts vaginal orgasms, relieves stress, facilitates faster healing of wounds, bruises, and sprains, enhances blood circulation, eases problems associated with menstrual cycle - Balances hormones, Aids proper digestion and detoxification


Natural Obsidian Crystal Gemstone Jade Egg

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