Natural Lilac Lepidolite Egg 3pcs Set
Natural Lilac Lepidolite Egg 3pcs Set

The natural way of healing has been a great alternative to those who want to experience a different way to relax and repair themselves. Our body is always under different changes every day and so finding ways to relax is important. Our Natural Lilac Lepidolite Egg 3pcs Set is a great choice when you want to have a tool that also has natural benefits for the body.

These eggs are made with the finest Lepidolite that brings emotional healing and mental stability. As such you can actually place these eggs on any corner of the room as it also has a neutral color that will blend well with any decor.

Aside from the magnificent physical feature of these stones, it has practical uses that will help you soothe your mind and body. They can be used as a device to enhance your kegel exercise. The concept is to place the stone inside the vagina and contract the muscles around the ball to lock it inside. This action will tone the ligaments inside and make it stronger. A well exercised vaginal muscle is known to be more sensitive to all stimuli making you more reactive to every thrust and caress that your partner does during sex.

Long term use includes making the vagina tighter, taking back your sexual prowess to help you feel young and vibrant again.

Taking care of these yoni eggs is essential if you want to enjoy them for a long time. They should be cleaned before and after each use to prevent harboring bad bacteria into your sensitive areas. Dry them thoroughly and then place them in cool storage.

Relax and feel beautiful, inside and out. Give yourself a break from all the daily stress. Buy our Natural Lilac Lepidolite Egg 3pcs Set and enjoy your sexuality like never before!

Color Lilac
Stone/Crystals Lepidolite
Size (inches) 1.38*1.77 in.
Healing Properties/ Health Benefits Increase/Enhance Libido & Reawaken Sensuality - Menstrual Pain & PMS, Strengthen Pelvic Floor Muscles - Uterine Prolapse & Incontinence, Balance Estrogen Levels - Increase Sensitivity. Infertility - Promotes Nerve Growth, Increase Natural Lubrication pre/post Menopause - Tighten Vaginal Walls, Easier Childbirth (less tissue damage) - Circulation & Blood Flow, Enhance Intimacy - Natural Tool for Kegel Exercises, Increase Circulation & Blood Flow to organs & muscles, Experience Vaginal Orgasms - Promote Postpartum Healing


Natural Lilac Lepidolite Egg 3pcs Set

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