Natural Jasper Egg with Wooden Stand

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Making your partner happy in bed is not just a man's role but a woman's, too! If your lover is not fully satisfied after sex, why not get this Natural Jasper Egg with Wooden Stand? This vaginal stone can change the way your partner make love to you.

The Natural Jasper Egg has a unique appearance compared to other Jasper-based vaginal stones. It has a mixture of brown and white color that makes the love egg appealing. It also has a smooth finish, which makes it ideal for internal use. Plus, it comes with a wooden holder. This stand allows you to display the yoni egg wherever you want to put it. That way, every guest who will visit your home will be dazzled by its beauty.

However, that is not the primary purpose of this yoni egg. This vaginal stone can level up your A-game in sex! The question is -- how? Simple; by making your cunt tight again!

All, if not most, men want to fuck a close-fitted entrance. They love how it snugs their manhood whenever they bang their partners. This is where this Natural Jasper Yoni Egg comes into the picture. When used as a tool for Kegel Exercise, this egg helps to tighten your vaginal walls as if nobody has entered or exited your love tunnel before. This will excite your lover as soon as he feels the tightness of your core as his thrust becomes faster. Additionally, this yoni egg can increase your sensuality. It adds weight to your sex acts; therefore, increasing natural lubrication. Lastly, it increases your chances of having a baby. That is why many women use this stone during sex or while doing vaginal training to improve their fertility rate.

For these reasons, our Natural Jasper Egg with Wooden Stand is the perfect choice to meet you and your partner's sexual satisfaction. Grab it now and start enhancing your intimate moments with your sweetheart!

Color Brown + White
Stone/Crystals Natural Jasper
Size (inches) 1.34*1.73 in.
Healing Properties/ Health Benefits Boost Immunity, Remove Toxins from the Body, Balance Mineral Content, Help Treat Bowel and Prostate Disorders, Improve Vision, Increase Circulation & Blood Flow, Overcome Exhaustion, Increase/Enhance Libido & Reawaken Sensuality, Reduce Infertility, Tighten Vaginal Walls, Strengthen Pelvic Floor Muscles, Natural Tool for Kegel Exercises