Natural Dark Red Jasper Egg with Stand

Men are not the only ones who need sexual endurance, but women, too! Boost your strength and vitality with this Natural Dark Red Jasper Egg with Stand. This healing stone can increase your stamina, which is essential not only during exercise but also while having sex.

Our Natural Dark Red Jasper Egg is the perfect tool for Kegel exercise. This stone can strengthen your pelvis and tighten your vaginal walls. Hence, it eliminates – if not reduces – the abdominal pain caused by childbirth. It also excites your man whenever he fucks you, because who doesn't want to feel the tightness of a woman's core? Exactly!

This jasper egg has a smooth texture, which makes it ideal for internal use. Just don't forget to clean it with water and organic soap before and after shoving it up to your love tunnel. However, that's not the only purpose of this healing stone. It can also improve your health -- be it physical or sexual.

The Natural Dark Red Jasper Yoni Egg has also been used to enhance libido and fertility, especially when you are taking treatment for conception. It is even thought to stabilize pregnancy, promote fetal development, and facilitate smooth childbirth.

Rigorously clean the egg with warm water and soap before and after each use. You may use your vagina's natural lubrication or your trusted brand of lubricant before inserting the egg's fuller side inside your vulva. When not in use, keep this safely in dry and clean storage.

So whether you want to improve your endurance in sex, keep your heart and blood healthy, or increase your fertility, our Natural Dark Red Jasper Egg with Stand is your best bet! Add this powerful yoni egg to your cart now and let this healing rock work its magic.

Color Dark Red
Stone/Crystals Natural Stone Dark Red Spot Jasper
Size (inches) 1.34*1.73 in.
Healing Properties/ Health Benefits Boost Strength & Vitality, Increase Circulation & Blood Flow, Overcome Exhaustion, Increase/Enhance Libido & Reawaken Sensuality, Reduce Infertility, Natural Tool for Kegel Exercises


Natural Dark Red Jasper Egg with Stand

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