Natural Brown Jade Extra Large Egg

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You really don’t need a special occasion to give yourself a gift because every day is a special day to celebrate your womanhood. One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is this Natural Brown Jade Extra Large Egg which is carved from the ever-beautiful Picture Jasper. Picture Jasper, an exceptional type of brown jasper, displays extraordinary bands, veins, and patterns that seem to resemble landscapes of nature. Besides its inherent beauty, this stone possesses healing properties, making it a great material for a yoni egg.

This gemstone egg measures 1.97”x1.50”, an ideal Kegel exerciser for beginners who desire to kickstart their journey towards having a stronger pelvic floor and a tighter v-hole. Let’s be honest, ladies. When we’ve given birth more than once, our pelvic floor becomes weak, which results in urinary incontinence. Women who are about to menopause or have already stopped menstruating, on the other hand, find it hard to reach orgasm and may experience pain due to dryness. With the passing of time, our yoni withers just like a flower, but unlike any flower, our yoni can be revived and rejuvenated with the help of this egg!

The Natural Brown Jade Extra Large Egg comes with an elegant white stand and a dainty bag. With the stand, you can display this handcrafted egg on your altar of crystals or on your nightstand. The small, pretty bag will not only protect it but will also allow you to bring your yoni egg wherever you go.

Our master carver painstakingly polished it to bring out its natural luster and to made it silky smooth. This smoothness ensures comfort once it is nestled in your yoni. What’s great about this yoni egg is that it’s offered in two variants, drilled or undrilled. Pick whichever suits you.

Rejuvenation isn’t just a dream; you can make it happen. Buy the Natural Brown Jade Extra Large Egg NOW!

Color Brown
Stone/Crystals Picture Jasper
Size (inches) 1.97*1.50 in.
Healing Properties/ Health Benefits Enhances libido & reawakens sensuality – Relieves menstrual pain & PMS - Strengthens pelvic floor muscles – Resolves uterine prolapse & incontinence - Increases sensitivity - Increases natural lubrication pre/post menopause – Boosts the immune system - Tightens vaginal walls - Enhances intimacy – Serves as a natural tool for Kegel exercises – Boosts vaginal orgasms