Modern Stimulator Nipple Clamps for Couples

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Be ahead of everyone in terms of nipple stimulation when you use our Modern Stimulator Nipple Clamps for Couples. Not only will it give your naked body a taste of a futuristic look; it will pinch your nipples so good, you would do it again.

Get into some nipple action and take advantage of the added weight of this Modern Stimulator Nipple Clamps for Couples. It features a sleek grip with a ring on its base where a pair of beads hang for an added glam. With its futuristic and modern look, it still stays as functional as it can, giving your nipples some pinching sensation as it prepares you for a rush of pleasure.

You may enjoy this Modern Stimulator Nipple Clamps for Couples with your partner as you grant him or her the freedom to take control of your pleasure. Declare a safe word to keep everything in control for maximum enjoyment.

Another important thing to remember is you must wear the clamps on erect nipples. So, before the main event, enjoy nice foreplay with your partner until your nipples are ready for some love pinching. Allow your partner to wear the clamps on your nipples for a few minutes. Have him or her caress it, then take them off.

You will notice that your nipples are ultra-sensitive to stimulation while the clamps are on. So, enjoy every stroke of your lover's tongue and moan your heart out. Put the clamps on as many times as you want for a few minutes, until it's finally time to receive some fucking for that explosive orgasm.

Welcome to the future of sex where the use of modern sex toys is totally normal. Be part of the fun, so add this Modern Stimulator Nipple Clamps for Couples to your cart now!

Color Silver chain, blue bead.
Material Metal
Type Nipple Clamps with Chain
Dimension (inches)
Length: 3.23 in.
Width: 0.51 in.
Weight: N/A