Masturbation Weapon Booty Beads
Masturbation Weapon Booty Beads
Masturbation Weapon Booty Beads
Masturbation Weapon Booty Beads
Masturbation Weapon Booty Beads
Masturbation Weapon Booty Beads

They say variety is the spice of life. You can enjoy having fresh experiences and gain a broader perspective of yourself when you try out new things.

In exploring toys in bed, it is essential to start on the right one. Our Masturbation Weapon Booty Beads will be your perfect tool for that challenge!

The product comes in four variant designs. These pieces are made of high-quality stainless steel. It's an excellent medium for your anal play because it has the right amount of sexy heaviness.

This variant has various designs to suit your needs. We have a single beaded plug for beginners, a dual beaded shaft for intermediate users, and a multiple beaded toy for expert players! Then, of course, we have the basic plug for those who have a taste for this specific design.

You will need to prepare yourself and do a bowel movement 30 minutes before the session. Additionally, you need to thoroughly wash this item with soap and water to avoid harboring harmful bacteria inside your ass.

Moreover, don't cut back on your water-soluble lubricant because this will make insertion inside easier. Place some lube on the tip and in your sphincter.

Breathe in as the toy will glide seamlessly inside your ass. The weight of this toy will caress the erogenous areas of your ass! You can leave it plugged inside and do all the naughty things you plan.

If your lover is around, then let him pleasure you. As you are about to climax, pull this toy out, and feel the sensual 'pop' that these toys are known to deliver. This action will intensify your climactic ending!

After each session, make sure to rewash this piece and pat it dry. Then store this in a separate container and not be exposed to too much sunlight and dust.

Give yourself a good toy, choose one, or grab it all, you know you want it!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Total Length: N/A
Insertable Length: N/A
Handle: N/A
Beads: N/A


Masturbation Weapon Booty Beads

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