Manual Stimulation Trainer Anal Beads
Manual Stimulation Trainer Anal Beads
Manual Stimulation Trainer Anal Beads
Manual Stimulation Trainer Anal Beads
Manual Stimulation Trainer Anal Beads

Don't you hate cutting your solo play short because your toy ran out of juice? Fret not! With this pleasure tool, there are no batteries required, just your kinky imagination and lustful mind! And to give your booty the tickling sensations it needs, we give you our Manual Stimulation Trainer Anal Beads.

With four types of shapes and ways to enjoy anal stim, our Manual Stimulation Trainer Anal Beads can give your rectum a series of pop. Each design can stretch your hole open-wide and excite the nerve endings in this area.

Some couples use this to warm-up during foreplay, combining it with clitoral stimulation and other acts of titillation. During vaginal penetration, these anal beads can make sexual penetration more exhilarating for both parties. You can even suck her nipples or lick her ears simultaneously, while you destroy her salivating pussy. As for male wearers, these beads are useful for P-spot stimulation, which can then result in firmer erections and delayed ejaculation.

Use it any way you please. Bend or flex it, and this wand will follow with ease. Its material is silicone, so it's not only soft and smooth, but it's also body-conforming. Its phthalate-free surface makes it a perfect tool for anal penetration because it will keep you safe from a nasty infection.

Ribbed beads, threaded beads, with a ring hole or flared base--we got it! Choose your weapon and get your anus ready for a toe-curling penetration. But before anything else, you have to remember some precautions. You have to clean both of your hands and the tool before the sesh. After washing your hands, sanitize the toy with warm water and mild soap. Then get your tube or water-based lube and spread it generously throughout its surface.

Select your magic wand and make your butthole expand. Get this now and let its charm transform your life.

Color Black
Material Silicone
Total Length: N/A
Insertable length: N/A
Handle: N/A
Beads: N/A


Manual Stimulation Trainer Anal Beads

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