Malachite Crystal Quartz Gemstone Egg

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Has intimacy lost its luster? Is it becoming tougher to make him hard? Or has orgasm become rare and elusive? Perhaps anxiety and pressure are holding you back from enjoying your sexual life. Besides looking into your emotions, you also need to consider the condition of your vagina. Has it become dry, saggy, and loose?

If most of your answers to these questions are a sounding “yes”, then you’ve got to give yourself this Malachite Crystal Quartz Extra-Large Egg. It’s beautifully carved from natural Malachite, a stone that is distinct with its rich green color with dark bands on its surface.

Polished to get rid of all its impurities, this egg-shaped stone has the power to transform your stretchy pussy into a tight hole, bringing intense intimacy and immense pleasure in the bedroom with your man.

This extra-large egg measures 1.42 inches and weighs 0.06 pounds. These length and weight are great for beginners to start their Kegel exercises with.

In addition to the physical and emotional healing it brings, it guarantees a happy pussy when regularly used for a Kegel workout. Its silky smooth and shiny luster promises comfort and pleasure when nestled beneath your delicate petals.

Cleaning it is easy as it isn’t drilled. You can wash it with warm water and organic soap. You can also sanitize it by wiping it with a clean gauze doused with any hard liquor like vodka. Avoid using rubbing alcohol as this will cause irritation in your vagina.

With your clean hands, hold it close to heart as this stone is related to the heart chakra. Meditate with it, envisioning all your dreams coming true. When you feel calm and relaxed, it’s time to express your love to yourself by caressing and touching those parts that bring pleasure. Insert the egg once your love hole is moist. Contract and relax your PC muscles to tone and strengthen them.

Don’t allow your vaginal muscles to atrophy. Make it a habit to give your yoni a workout. You deserve to be treated like a queen, so go ahead and buy this Malachite Crystal Quartz Extra-Large Egg now!

Color Green with Black Bands
Stone/Crystals Malachite
Size (inches) 1.42 in.
Healing Properties/ Health Benefits Reawakens Sensuality, Resolves Uterine Prolapse & Incontinence, Increases Sensitivity. Boosts Fertility, Tightens Vaginal Walls, Eases Childbirth, Enhances Intimacy, Boosts Vaginal Orgasms, Promotes Natural Lubrication, Strengthens Pelvic Floor Muscles, Improves Circulation & Blood Flow to organs & muscles, Promotes Intimacy, Increases Libido, Enhances Vaginal Orgasms, Regulates Menstrual Cycle, Relieves Menstrual Cramps, Eases Labor