Magnetic Ben Wa Balls | Magnetic Orbs Metal Ben Wa Balls

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Are you looking for a Kegel tool that can be adjusted according to your needs or experience? This Magnetic Orbs Metal Ben Wa Balls is exactly what you need.

Having strong and firm vaginal muscles can be very rewarding in many ways! That's why it is important to regularly give your pelvic muscles a workout. This Magnetic Orbs Metal Ben Wa Balls can guide you into achieving this plus more!

Regular exercise using these balls will give you a tighter vagina, which will make sex more gratifying and exhilarating. The nerves inside your vagina will also feel more sensitive, you'll feel the intensity of each movement and glide of your partner's cock during lovemaking that you will have an explosion of blissful finish you will not forget!

Not only does it give your vagina pleasure, but it makes it healthier too. These balls can aid in urinary incontinence and help women gain control over the bladder. After giving birth, using these balls can help restore the birth canal to its original condition. The band has a total length of 5.91 inches and each ball has a diameter of 1.38 inches. This comes with two sets of balls, the gold balls weigh 0.12 lb. each and the silver balls weigh 0.09 lb. each. If you are a beginner, better start with the lighter set of balls, then mix and match them along the way as you gain more experience and strength.

Wash the balls and band with warm water and fragrance-free soap before and after use. You can lubricate your vulva naturally by rubbing and fondling your breasts and nipples. Alternatively, you can also use a lubricant. Using your fingers, insert the balls one at a time. Squeeze those love muscles tight and securely hold the balls inside. Regular practice with these amazing balls will enhance the intensity of your pleasure during sex and it will progress as you continue the Kegel routine. Keep this toy in a safe and dry place after use.

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Color Gold / Silver
Type Ben Wa Balls
Material Metal + Silicone
Dimensions (in.)


5.91 inches (total length)


1.38 inches (ball’s diameter)