Luxurious Gold and Blue Geisha Balls

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What’s small, shiny, really good looking, and can take you to amazing heights of intense sexual pleasure? Our Luxurious Gold and Blue Geisha Balls, of course. Made from premium quality and hypoallergenic metal and silicone, these sex toys slash Kegels exercisers will help you achieve those mind-blowing orgasms that you’ve always wondered about.

If you’re the type who enjoys subtle but prolonged foreplay and don’t mind wearing weighted balls while you go about your daily business, then these Luxurious Gold and Blue Geisha Balls are the perfect toys for you. They’re body-safe, durable, and entirely discreet for use. And they come in two gorgeous colors that you can use alternately depending on your mood.

Unboxing these Luxurious Gold and Blue Geisha Balls will already take your breath away with everything looking so shiny and posh but wait until you finally get around to using them for foreplay or for Kegels. It doesn’t matter if you’re single or currently in a relationship – you deserve to treat yourself with these gorgeous looking babies.

The balls come in two different weights; the gold balls are about 1.05 oz while the blue ones are approximately 1.41. For beginners, we recommend the lighter gold balls as they’re easier to keep inside your vagina and don’t offer that much resistance. As your level of expertise with Kegels increases, you can move up with the blue ones. The insertable length of both colors is 6” while the width is 1.22”.

Use alone while you’re playing with yourself or with your partner, it’s totally up to you. Just make sure to wash these Luxurious Gold and Blue Geisha Balls thoroughly with soap and water before drying completely. Clean up should be done before and after each use to keep things hygienic and sanitary.

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Color Polished Blue and Gold
Type Geisha Balls
Material Metal and Silicone
Dimensions (in.)


6 inches


1.22 inches