Lusty American Star Pastie

Lusty American Star Pastie

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You have always loved adding a little spunk into your wardrobe. Something that is useful but at the same time going to make a mark.

Well, nothing says spunk better than wearing the red, white, and blue loud and proud. With that comes our Lusty American Star Pastie. The American way to give your boobies the freedom they deserve. You will love how these colorful pieces will wrap your intimate parts and protect them from awkward slips.

Make way for a new way to enjoy the most revealing dresses with these comfortable pasties. These lovely pieces are made of high-quality, unwoven fabric, giving you that sleek and lightweight feeling you want from your nipple covers. You will be able to move around and not feel this pastie covering your most intimate parts. This material is also sweatproof, so don't fret if you plan to dance the night away.

The secret to keeping this securely attached is to make sure you are working with a clean and dry surface. Avoid placing this on oily or moisturized skin as the oil will disturb the pastie's adhesive property, making it harder to stick. Before pasting one on, make sure your nipple is at the center before carefully pressing it on.

You can quickly wear this with your favorite tank tops, swimwear, even with your most delicate silk dresses. The beauty of these nipple covers is that they accentuate your teats. Replace your old, uncomfortable bras with these, and you will never go back to conventional undergarments ever again! No more annoying underwires and unnatural bra foams; release your natural size and have the best time. These pieces are disposable, so you can skip the hassle of cleaning them after use.

Make the best fashion statement with these stunners. Purchase them today!


Color Red and Blue
Material Non-woven fabric
Dimension (inches)
Length: N/A
Width: N/A