Pretty in Pastel Holy Trainer 2.76 inches and 3.94 inches long
Pretty in Pastel Holy Trainer 2.76 inches and 3.94 inches long

Have you always wanted to be your Mistress' slave? But you're too much of a sissy to tell her? Intensify your sissiness by submitting yourself to a chastity device and let her know who's boss.

Our Pretty in Pastel Holy Trainer will be with you both in submission and domination. Its hue will satisfy you and your partner if you love to incorporate feminization.

Your new chastity device is made from high-quality and sturdy plastic material. This is a tad bit safer than stainless steel if you're feeling like a little girl and can't take a toy for the big boys. Like most of our products, this one is also safe and doesn't include any traces of toxic chemicals and other harmful substances.

This trainer is also smooth to the touch and doesn't have any nicks or rough edges, but that doesn't mean that it's smooth sailing for you. This is a male chastity device, after all, and it acts like one.

Your penis will be nestled perfectly inside the enclosed cage, with a few ventilation holes to give your shaft some air. Other than that, your dick will completely be hidden from view, even from your Mistress. You'll be tested if you can control your urges and your partner's seductiveness, because once you go hard...oh, you'll find out.

Going to the bathroom will never be a valid excuse to take this off, as you can do your waste duties even with this on. A hole at the tip of this trainer is fashioned just enough for your urine to pass through.

This set is available in small or large cage sizes, with five included cock rings. Any Johnson will be able to fit in this device, as long as you're willing and capable of going through the humiliation. The big question is...are you?

Color Pink
Type Holy Trainer
Material Plastic
Ring Dimensions (inches) 1.38 inches, 1.49 inches, 1.69 inches, 1.81 inches, 1.92 inches
Cock Cage Dimensions (inches) Small - 2.76 inches (length), 1.34 inches (width)
Large - 3.94 inches (length), 1.34 inches (width)

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Pretty in Pastel Holy Trainer 2.76 inches and 3.94 inches long

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