Let's Play Couple Anal Beads
Let's Play Couple Anal Beads
Let's Play Couple Anal Beads
Let's Play Couple Anal Beads
Let's Play Couple Anal Beads
Let's Play Couple Anal Beads
Let's Play Couple Anal Beads
You were horseplaying with your lover when you suddenly lost your temper. It resulted in a fight, and it ruined the night. You called it over and slept separately after - what a nightmare!

If you both are being naughty, sportsmanship is necessary. When it comes to playing in bed, for a safer and more enjoyable game, use the Let's Play Couple Anal Beads to entertain yourselves. It's a sex toy for the butt or vagina to arouse and titillate it until you both reach euphoria. The material used is silicone of high quality to ensure that it's safe to use on the skin and inside your holes. Its soft texture allows pain-free entry to your butt. Its stretchability eases the pulling out of the tool once necessary when playing it.

It has six increasing beads that have salient point designs like wrecking balls, linked through a silicone cord with a circular handle at its base. The dotted design of each bead perfectly matches its purpose and adds sensation to the lining once bumped and wrecked against it.

Use it to your partner like you are just fingering her. However, in this case, use a sufficient amount of water-based lubricant to smoothen the insertion. Put each bead, one by one, and see her reaction as they go in until she reaches her limit and tolerance. Once she's comfortable, stroke it in and out. Slide it through, pull it out, do it again, incline it, twist it - do whatever you can to play her pussy and booty hole. When she's about to cum, go deeper into her tunnel, and when she starts squirting that juicy juice, pull the beads out of her to make her reach where rapture is. Ask for a blowjob so you can also release your jizz! All is fair in love and sex!

After the wild play, rest for a little while, then clean yourselves and the toy. Wash it with water and mild soap, then completely dry it after. Store it in your sex toys cabinet and reuse it when you both felt horny again.

Playing games is not a hobby for children only; adults can also do this a lot more. And the best tool for an exciting game? Try our Let's Play Couple Anal Beads, and you be the judge! Get this piece now and add it to your cart!
Color Black
Material Silicone
Total Length: 8.90 in (22.60 cm)
Insertable length: Up to the last bead
Outer diameter: 1.65 in (4.20 cm)
Inner Diameter: 1.10 in (2.80 cm)

Beads: N/A (increasing size)

Let's Play Couple Anal Beads

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