Lengthy Stainless Urethral Penis Plug

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Have you been using penis plugs for a long time, and you’d like to try a more provocative plug for a change? Perhaps this Lengthy Stainless Urethral Penis Plug can reach deep enough, and please you ‘til your eyes roll.

Compared with other sex toys, sounds give a different kind of ecstasy that is not usual for men. As some would describe it, it’s like having an orgasm from the inside, which explains why more and more men join the flow of urethral play and use lengthy rods for masturbation.

This Lengthy Stainless Urethral Penis Plug is definitely long enough to give you a deep sense of stimulation, the kind of climax and release that only this toy can provide. It is made of stainless steel and very safe for use. It is 10.63 inches long and is 0.28 inch in diameter at its widest point. It is specially designed with a beaded feature at the most part and threaded at the end that touches the penis’ tip. It is intended to create friction and to help the sound stay in place. As an additional tool to keep the rod stay secure, it also comes with a cock ring where you can hook the plug into.

No matter how pro you think you are, it’s still important to stay safe and use an adequate amount of lubricant prior to insertion. Always sanitize the sound before and after use. Practice some deep breathing and relax as you gently insert it inside the urethra. Don’t forget to take it off before ejaculation. Clean your prober right after practice, and keep it in a safe and dry place.

Indulge and let your senses soar. Add this to your cart now, and we’ll ship it to you discreetly!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Type Stainless steel sounds, Beaded sounds
Dimension (inches)
Length: 10.63 inches
Width: 0.20 inch, 0.28 inch