Large-sized Drilled Unakite Crystal Egg

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Taking the first step into starting something takes guts and confidence. But with this Large-sized Drilled Unakite Crystal Egg, you’ll be carefree!

Dumbbells are for your arms as these yoni eggs are for your pelvic muscles. The practice of using Yoni eggs goes way back before our grandparents were born. Empresses, queens, and concubines used yoni eggs to access their sexual power, awaken their sensuality and maintain amazing health.

Our Large-sized Drilled Unakite Crystal Egg is perfect for beginners, but experienced users can enjoy this, too.  The egg’s measurement, 1.77 by 1.18 inches, makes it easy to hold in even if your pelvis is flabby. Meanwhile, the drilled part enables you to take out the vaginal stone with ease. No need to exert much effort just to get the egg out of your fuck tunnel. You just have to tie a string so you can pull it out when you’re done.

To top it all off, this exquisite yoni egg is made of a natural stone called Unakite. Unakite, as a gem, can help you stabilize your place in the present. It also gives you a little push to get things going for you.

Before getting started with your Yoni session, you have to prep your body first. Gently fondle your nub and the hole between your legs to get your Yoni’s natural juice going. When you’re lubricated enough, insert the egg slowly with the wider side going in first.

Once inside, squeeze the egg in for ten seconds or so, then relax. Do this repeatedly to strengthen your love muscles and achieve greater awareness and sensitivity. Don’t forget to clean the egg right after use.

Get into the practice and feel your Yoni get firmer day-by-day. Add one of these into your cart now!

Color Pink and Green
Stone/Crystals Unakite
Size (inches) 1.77*1.18 in.
Healing Properties/ Health Benefits Strengthen Pelvic Floor Muscles - Increase Sensitivity - Tighten Vaginal Walls - Natural Tool for Kegel Exercises - Help Move Forward in Life