Lacy Door Frame Sex Swing
Lacy Door Frame Sex Swing
Lacy Door Frame Sex Swing
Lacy Door Frame Sex Swing

You like it; you want it. Yes, this has been a long time coming, but you know you are finally going to grab your first sex swing.

Start that journey with our Lacy Door Frame Sex Swing, and you will get what you deserve—nothing but juicy, fancy sex swinging experience.

You are anything but BASIC, so you like how this love swing has elegant red and black lacy details all over the stirrups and handles. Lingerie makes you irresistible, and this pretty detail on the contraption will add flare to your sensual sessions.

Pretty and safe, this is made of high-quality nylon, too. This is a sturdy material made for comfort and ease.

Designed for whatever kind of sexual adventures you are planning, this piece is equipped with padded handles and ankle rests. Enjoy pleasure swinging with comfort even for more extended periods.

The ladder lock buckles are there for easy adjustments and better alignment. Rest assured that they will prevent the straps from slipping and keep you from falling even during rougher sex.

As this is a door swing, you will need to set it up on a stable door. Make sure you place each metal rod over the door and lock all fasteners before mounting the swing. Safety is essential, and you don't want to ruin a perfect chance to have wild sex.

Defy all rules as you fly high in the air and give or receive pleasure. Let the four capable straps assist you in achieving powerful orgasms in new sex positions.
This toy is the perfect equipment for that deep penetration you can't seem to perfect.

Hygiene will always come first, so wash it with your trusted detergent. Easy to set up, quick to remove, this sex swing is convenient to pack when traveling. Keep it in a storage container to prevent moisture and maintain its good condition.

Indulge but keep it classy; grab this beauty today!

Color Black with red details
Material Polyester
Dimensions (inches)
Length: Adjustable
Width: NA
Maximum Load Bearing Capacity: NA


Lacy Door Frame Sex Swing

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