Invisible Lift Bralette Silicone Covers

Invisible Lift Bralette Silicone Covers

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Wear any revealing outfit you like and look fabulous and confident! After all, gone are the days people find sheer top wearing intimidating in public.

Let our Invisible Lift Bralette Silicone Covers be a wardrobe staple to give you more fashion freedom. Look glamourous and gorgeous in a sultry halter top with this strapless silicone bra.

This product fits a range of busts. Nude in color, it will look invisible under a sheer outfit. It's a versatile one-piece covering for the breasts as it goes well with bodysuits, see-through dresses, and more! The cleavage-enhancing shape of this bralette will make your breasts look fuller and perkier. Say goodbye to saggy boobs and uncomfortable underwire.

As it gives your boobs the lift they need, this stick-on bra also provides you with the comfort you don't get from bras with straps, wings, and hooks. And as it's made of silicone, it feels soft to the touch. The inner part is silicone adhesive, which has a staying power without causing skin irritations.

This boob-lifting silicone bra is reusable. Ensure cleaning it after every use to prevent the accumulation of sweat, body oil, and dirt. Use warm water and mild soap to wash it. Use your hands instead of a brush or a cloth to prevent damaging the material and preserve the adhesive. Let it air dry instead of applying heat because this helps prolong its shelf life.

To make sure it sticks well, clean and dry your breasts and skip the moisturizer. Place the cups over your nipples with both hands and hold them down to bond the two surfaces. Then, hold the wings on the sides to secure them in place. When taking it off, do it slowly and gently.

Set yourself free and wear all the sexy outfits you have in mind. Go and shop for those tops and dresses soon, and don't forget to order the Invisible Lift Bralette Silicone Covers now!


Color Beige
Material Silicone
Dimension (inches)
Cup Size: Fits 30 A and B to 36 A and B
Width: N/A