Intense Stimulation Electro Nipple Clamp Set

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Perhaps your partner is signaling that you should try using other sex toys to better your sex life. Here's something that will have them running home after work. Our Intense Stimulation Electro Nipple Clamp Set is going to send mixed messages throughout your body; you're not gonna want anything else.

The clips are made from sturdy plastic and rust-resistant metal. This design disguises a secret feature on the inside by making it look like a plain clothespin nipple clamp on the outside. By the time your partner finally finds out the main attraction about this product, it'll be too late to back out.

If you think that nipple clamping is just what it is, we're here to change your point of view. Your nipples can only do so much as they are already sensitive enough as they are on their own. However, you can increase the sensitivity and enhance the stimulations when you use a sex toy that's specifically designed for that purpose.

And that is definitely our Intense Stimulation Electro Nipple Clamp Set. When you clamp your nipples using this product, they will make your nipples numb by preventing blood flow from going through the area. Once you release the clamps, your nipples will feel more sensitive and could even be just enough to grant you that long-lost orgasm you've been waiting for.

When you think that it's over and done for, we have something to sneak in. Thanks to the metal pieces in the clamps, our Intense Stimulation Electro Nipple Clamp Set can be connected to the included power host to send electric shocks directly to your nipples.

So what are you waiting for? Catch the sparks fly while getting it on with your partner. You're going to love our Intense Stimulation Electro Nipple Clamp Set so much that your evenings wouldn't be complete without it.

Color Black Clamps, White Power Host
Material Plastic, Metal
Type Electro Nipple Clamps
Dimension (inches)
Length: 2.05 in.
Width: 0.98 in. (when opened)
Weight: N/A