Huge Vibrating Clitoris Clamp
Huge Vibrating Clitoris Clamp
Huge Vibrating Clitoris Clamp
Huge Vibrating Clitoris Clamp

Come and be enthralled by the amazing wonders that you will get with the use of sex toys. Have you heard of a clitoris clamp? Does it sound painful? Quite the contrary, as a clitoris clamp produces a unique kind of sensation that will definitely bring you to a different kind of place. Want to find out where that is? Then, it is time that you get one of our popular clitoris clamps.

Go and experience this sexual bliss with our Huge Vibrating Clitoris Clamp! This clitoris clamp is made of the finest-quality silicone that is guaranteed to be safe for the body. We got your health and safety in mind because we would not want harmful chemicals to leech into your body. Silicone is a suitable material for sex toys because of its soft and smooth surface that your skin will surely love.

Our Huge Vibrating Clitoris Clamp is shaped like a crab’s pincer claw with two rounded edges on the prongs to clamp not just your clitoris, but also your nipples and penis. This also has an ergonomic handheld design to be able to fit your fingers and hands properly. This beauty is so silent that it can only produce sounds to a maximum of 50 decibels only.

Moreover, our Huge Vibrating Clitoris Clamp has ten different vibration frequency modes to match your mood and preference. It can be powered via the USB charging port that can be connected to your laptop, car charger, adapter, or power bank. Charge this baby for two hours and you can use this for 90-150 minutes.

Aside from clamping your lady bits, you can also use this to stimulate your lover’s body parts such as his penis, back of the ears, pelvis and send his senses into blissful overdrive. It will be a sexual session you won’t forget.

Take your lovemaking to the next level by adding our Huge Vibrating Clitoris Clamp to your cart today!

Color Pink
Material Silicone
Type Clitoris Clamp
Dimension (inches)


Body - 3.34 in.
Prongs - 2.56 in.
Width: 0.98 in.
Weight: 0.09 lb.

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Huge Vibrating Clitoris Clamp

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