Hollow Urethral Sounding Penis Plug
Hollow Urethral Sounding Penis Plug
Hollow Urethral Sounding Penis Plug
Hollow Urethral Sounding Penis Plug
Hollow Urethral Sounding Penis Plug

Glorify your masturbation sessions and experience sensations beyond your imagination when you use our Hollow Urethral Sounding Penis Plug.

If you ever have the courage to take on new things to achieve a higher level of sexual stimulation, then let this penis plug take you to pleasure land. It is made of premium-quality surgical steel that's guaranteed safe for internal use. Our quality team made sure that the surface is smooth to avoid tearing your urethral wall, so you can focus on pleasuring yourself instead.

Its length of 5.31 inches is perfect especially to those who have experience in cock fucking. The ribbed shaft of this plug is designed to give your urethral wall maximum pleasure. Just make sure it's fully sanitized before you do your cock fucking. Boiling it in some water with antibacterial soap would do the trick. Also, it's important to thoroughly clean your hands and your cock to avoid infection. For a hassle-free insertion, apply a good-quality lubricant on your pee hole as well as on the shaft of the plug. Having a completely relaxed body and a flaccid cock will make things way easier instead of a tensed body and an aroused cock.

Another good thing about this plug is it has a bead stopper on the base to keep it from going all the way in. It also serves as a handle so you can have a good grip when you start fucking your cock. As soon as you start pulling and pushing the plug inside you, it's like simulating a continuous feeling of ejaculation before you shoot your milky cum from your cock.

Nothing beats the feeling of achieving something more especially if it would make you happier. So, take advantage of our Hollow Urethral Sounding Penis Plug now!

Color Silver
Material Stainless-Steel
Type Large penis plugs
Dimension (inches)
Length: 5.31 inches
Width: Shaft:0.29, 0.22, 0.12 inch; Ball head: 0.63 inch


Hollow Urethral Sounding Penis Plug

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