Hollow Steel Penis Plug With Removable Ball

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If you want to take a deeper plunge but you haven’t stuffed your dick with anything long or thick, you’re in luck! Our Hollow Steel Penis Plug With Removable Ball will give you the gradual stretch you need as its shaft has three sections of varied thickness.

The first section has a width of 0.23”, the second with 0.31”, and the last with 0.35”. The graduating width will effectively train your urethra, enabling you to stuff your cock with larger toys. It’s equipped with a ball that serves as a stopper for a better grip and easier extraction. What’s great with this ball is that it’s removable for the convenience of emptying your bladder.

Made of first-class stainless steel, this penis stuffing is of quality build, promising safe usage and providing unrivaled intense stimulation. Stainless steel doesn’t harm the most sensitive type of skin and won’t bring in any harmful chemicals inside the body. As it is non-porous, giving it a thorough clean is no sweat! Put it in boiling water to sterilize, and it won’t warp. Thanks to its heavy-duty, durable build! When used for its intended purpose and handled properly, it’s going to last a lifetime.

Enjoy cock stuffing without woes and worries by keeping basic guidelines in mind. Avoid nasty infections by making sure your dilator is sanitized before and after each sexy time. Invest in 100% sterile water-soluble lube to ensure your urethra is not compromised. Be gentle and let gravity help you with the insertion to avoid tearing your delicate pee canal. And before you get too excited, remember to wash your hands and your package thoroughly.

This penis plug, which doubles as a urethral dilator, is designed for an enjoyable urethral stretch. Experience vibrant sensations and luxurious orgasms during your “me time”. Behold your phallus with revelry and give it gentle strokes for electrifying sensations. Indulge yourself like there’s no tomorrow.

Buy this sleek penis penetrator now for more exciting masturbation and foreplay ahead!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Type Hollow penis plugs
Dimension (inches)
Length: 5.31”
Width: 0.23”, 0.31”, 0.35” (shaft), 0.63” (removable ball stopper)