Hollow Inflatable Silicone Urethral Sound

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Experience expansion in the most delightful way with the Hollow Inflatable Silicone Urethral Sound. Made for men longing to expand their urethras without going through pain, this penis plug will deliver the results, plus the exhilarating titillation felt within.

Created to make cock-stuffing fascinatingly delightful, this Hollow Inflatable Silicone Urethral Sound is made of two essential parts: a penis plug and a bulb. The plug itself is 2.36” in length but will undoubtedly grow in size once you start squeezing the bulb.

We’ve made sure that your urethra is entirely safe because the plug is made of premium silicone. Silicone is known to be hypoallergenic so that it won’t cause any irritation. It’s also free from harsh chemicals; hence, no adverse effects when used internally. The bulb is durable and won’t easily give in to wear and tear if given the proper care.

Treat your urethral session with this toy as a form of ritual for optimal enjoyment. Start by getting a warm bath to get refreshed, relaxed, and in the mood. Next, wash your toy thoroughly in warm, soapy water, rinse off, then wipe dry. Place it on a piece of clean cloth while you apply lube on your cock’s eye. Remember, your penis doesn’t have its natural lubrication, and so the only way to make the insertion slippery is to apply a generous amount of lubricant. To save your delicate urethra from abrasion due to friction, coat the plug with a trusted brand of lube.

Insertion should be done with great care even when you’re too excited to get it on. It’s like dancing in slow motion—more erotic, more sensational. Taking your time in this kind of play also allows you to savor every bit of a glide. Once the plug is in, gently squeeze the bulb and pay close attention to how your body reacts. Stop inflating when you feel pain; otherwise, you’ll be expanding your urethra beyond its limit.

The penis plug is hollow, so when the inevitable happens, just let it flow. If you want to experience all-new sensations, buy the Hollow Inflatable Silicone Urethral Sound now!

Color Black + Blue
Material Silicone (plug) + ABS (bulb)
Type Inflatable Penis Plug
Dimension (inches)
Length: Total length: 5.11”, Insertable length: 2.08”
Width: tip: 0.19", bulb: 2.36”