Heating 10-Modes Auto Masturbator
Heating 10-Modes Auto Masturbator
Heating 10-Modes Auto Masturbator
Heating 10-Modes Auto Masturbator
Heating 10-Modes Auto Masturbator
Heating 10-Modes Auto Masturbator

Let's talk about having an all-around toy that will give you something to think about when you are feeling down. Life can be tough. You have to be able to balance out and enjoy your own time. Giving yourself a little help in reaching your sexual peak is no sin, so you can go reach in between your legs and have a little me-time. But believe us when we tell you you could have so much more!

Explore great possibilities with our Heating 10-Modes Auto Masturbator. We have made this piece with great features to let you enjoy astonishing sensual highs that will give your old sexual routine the much-needed upgrade.

The ergonomic design is made for easy usage and comfort even as you explore more complicated sexual positions. The solid outside is a great house for the soft and very accommodating tunnel. The opening of this tool has a tongue-like structure that adds to the sexual tingle when you insert your cock inside. We also made sure to make the pleasure device with the perfect tightness that will give you just enough sexual sensation for you to enjoy.

But wait, there's more! You don't need to work yourself up to reach the big O as this piece has vibrating modes that will surely meet your kinky standards. Go from fast to slow in just a click of a button! Now that's a premium sexual experience that you won't forget!

And we did not stop there! A little surprise button will let you warm this tool and envelop your shaft with just the right concoction of sensual heat to give you a memorable adventure.

Don't skimp on your water-soluble lubrication because it will make your play very comfortable.

Additionally, you should remember to wash this beauty before and after each use.

Don't hold back and have the best time of your life. Grab this stunning piece today.

Color Black and white with red
Material TPE
Dimension Length: 7.48 inches
Width/Diameter: 3.07 inches


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Heating 10-Modes Auto Masturbator

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