Heartbreaker Long Anal Beads
Heartbreaker Long Anal Beads
Heartbreaker Long Anal Beads
Heartbreaker Long Anal Beads
Heartbreaker Long Anal Beads
Heartbreaker Long Anal Beads

Want to give that bottom hole some stretch and popping delights? If you don't quite get what we mean, then read on and discover something new.

Don't you wish your wanking sessions or partnered sex to be more fun and more orgasmic? Well, we shouldn't keep you hanging. Meet our Heartbreaker Long Anal Beads. It's an anal stimulator that is so good it will break your heart. Why? Because you will wish you had found it sooner so you could've had more exciting sex play or wanking spree. It isn't too late, though. It's yours at a great price.

It features five beads to please your ass. The one at the tip is tapered for easy insertion. They all have the same girth, with 1.18-inches diameter. What's great about these beads is that you can insert what you can only take in - no rush, no pressure. It has a heart-shaped pull ring where you can loop your finger when it's time to extract the beads. This heart will also prevent the toy from getting dislodged into your rectum. You can twist and turn it like a key to let the beads inside rub and massage the anal walls.

The beads are soft, and the shaft flexes and bends when you move. That's because it's TPE made, and it is phthalate-free.

When messing up with your ass with this beady shaft, make sure that you have lots of lube to slather on its surface and some more into your tunnel opening. Doing so will make it feel sweeter and more comfortable during insertion and extraction. Make sure to slowly pull the beads out when you're about to cum or explode as this is when the real magic happens.

Heartbreaker is its name, but it will surely give you sensational delights and tingles. It's all yours with just a few clicks!

Color Black
Material TPE
Total Length: 12.20 in (31 cm)
Insertable length: N/A
Handle: 2.56 in (6.50 cm)
Beads: 1.18 in (3 cm)

Heartbreaker Long Anal Beads

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  • $114.99

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