Heart Lace Sexy Pasties
Heart Lace Sexy Pasties
Heart Lace Sexy Pasties
Heart Lace Sexy Pasties

Heart Lace Sexy Pasties

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Nothing says 'sensual' than lacey heart-shaped nipple covers. It has sexy details with a delicate touch, which you know your partner will love.

Well, all that and more is in our Heart Lace Sexy Pasties! One look and you know you are in for one exciting time.

Nipple covers have a long history of use in entertainment and as a visual teaser for men and women alike. If you love your boobs and want to show them off without worrying about those awkward nipple slips, then this is the best solution for you!

This particular one is a vision, but it packs a good punch as well. Made from good quality synthetic leather, you will enjoy a good covering without compromising comfort. Leather is lightweight, so you will feel nothing as you wear this over silk or any flowy textile. With these covers on, you will be able to affect any dress without worrying about any bulky bra showing.

To put them on, make sure you start with a clean surface. By doing this, you are going to preserve the adhesive of the nipple covers. Additionally, avoid placing them over oils or moisture to avoid damaging the sticky properties of these pasties.

Place them around the areola, making sure you cover this area adequately before locking it in place. You can work, walk, even dance while wearing this because these are waterproof and sweatproof too!

And when the night comes, tantalize your lover with a little strip tease--closing it with nothing but this on.

Of course, you have to be mindful of how you take care. Don't let it be a dwelling of harmful bacteria, and wash it thoroughly with warm water and mild soap. Never brush these covers or expose them to direct sunlight.

Get ready to be the most sensual version of yourself. Experience the freedom of wearing nipple covers; grab these now!


Color Black
Material Synthetic Leather
Dimension (inches)
Length: N/A
Width: N/A