Healing Fluorite Crystal Quartz Gemstone Egg
Healing Fluorite Crystal Quartz Gemstone Egg
Healing Fluorite Crystal Quartz Gemstone Egg
Healing Fluorite Crystal Quartz Gemstone Egg
Healing Fluorite Crystal Quartz Gemstone Egg

Fluorite is a cherished gemstone because of its power to detoxify the body, mind, and spirit. As it eliminates negativity, the path to happiness is illuminated and protected from bad energies. Own a piece of fluorite, a translucent and colorful crystal, by having this beautifully carved Healing Fluorite Crystal Quartz Gemstone Egg.

The Healing Fluorite Crystal Quartz Gemstone Egg showcases exquisite, synergistic intermingling of purple and green hues. Replete with healing properties, it’s a perfect material for a yoni egg. Use it as a Kegel exerciser to supercharge your PC muscle workout to strengthen the pelvic floor, tighten your pussy, enhance your libido, and promote natural lubrication.

They say that the only constant thing in this world is change. So, with the passage of time and lack of exercise, the pelvic and vaginal muscles atrophy. When this happens, you’ll have incontinence issues, experience dryness, and have less interest in intimacy. If you want to avoid incontinence, then you need to strengthen your pelvic floor. But if you want to retain or reclaim your vaginal vigor and its natural moist, then you’ve got to use this fluorite egg.

The Fluorite Crystal Quartz Yoni Egg has a diameter of 1.57 inches and a length of about 1.97 to 2.17 inches. It’s a large egg intended for beginners who want to kickstart their yoni tightening journey right. It’s an undrilled Kegel exerciser, so it’s easy to clean or sanitize.

If your concern is about how you’re going to extract it, you shouldn’t worry at all as the egg will easily slide out if your muscles let go of it. But when you contract your muscles, it prohibits the egg from coming out of your love canal. So, when you’re finished with your Kegel workout, squat, relax, and be ready to catch.

Why endure having a loose, dry vagina when you can build up those inner muscles with this Healing Fluorite Crystal Quartz Gemstone Egg? Buy one now and let the healing process begin!

Color Green + Purple
Stone/Crystals Fluorite
Size (inches)

1.97-2.17*1.57 in.

Healing Properties/ Health Benefits Enhances Libido & Reawakens Sensuality, Strengthens Pelvic Floor Muscles, Resolves Uterine Prolapse & Incontinence, Promotes Circulation in the Female Reproductive System, Increases Sensitivity, Stimulates Natural Lubrication Pre/Post Menopause, Tightens Vaginal Walls, Enhances Intimacy, Assists in Kegel Exercises, Boosts Vaginal Orgasms, Detoxifies the Mind, Body & Spirit, Removes Brain Fog, Heals & Rejuvenates the Aura, Boosts Concentration, Relieves Stress


Healing Fluorite Crystal Quartz Gemstone Egg

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