Happy Ending Vibrating Anal Toys for Men
Happy Ending Vibrating Anal Toys for Men
Happy Ending Vibrating Anal Toys for Men
Happy Ending Vibrating Anal Toys for Men

Whoever said that happy endings are exclusive only to Disney princesses haven't experienced P-spot orgasm's glory.

Men can have happy endings too, and it's just a prostate massage away. It's everything you need and more from its uncomplexity of usage and ability to provide you with heavenly pleasure. Have our Happy Ending Vibrating Anal Toys for Men give you the sexual happiness you deserve.

This rechargeable prostate massager is so powerful that it can send you to ecstatic bliss. With its multi-frequency modes of vibrations, you will indeed find it easy to have an orgasm as you've never experienced before.

The ergonomic design of this toy allows dual stimulation of your P-spot and perineum. Turn the vibe on once the plug is in, and get your prostate thrilled to bits. You may opt to adjust its mode according to your liking and await that toe-curling orgasm.

The base material of this toy is silicone, making it soft and supple. Sturdiness is also a property best known for toys of this content, so expect this one to stand by you for a long time. You also get to enjoy more and put your worries to rest as this baby is hypoallergenic and dents-free, perfect for your anal region's delicate skin.

What's more exciting about this toy is you can get it in purple and black variants. Feel free to choose the hue that matches your personality.

For a more satisfying backdoor entry, make sure never to skip lubrication. You need your device to be as sleek as possible to ensure that you don't get to experience crappy and painful sphincter skin tearing.

Water-based lube matches perfectly with silicone-based toys like this one. It doesn't pose risks of eroding your device's surface in the long run.

Make sure to clean this toy before and after use with a cloth damped in warm water and mild soap. You have to pay attention to tidying up your sex toy as it significantly impacts your overall sexual health.

Just so you know, you deserve a happy ending. Grab this prostate massager now!

Color Black, Purple
Material Silicone
Dimension Length:
Plug- 5.59 inches (142 mm)
Base- 4.76 inches (121 mm)
Overall- 1.40 inches (35.5 mm)

Happy Ending Vibrating Anal Toys for Men

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