Happiness Plug Vibrating Anal Beads
Happiness Plug Vibrating Anal Beads
Happiness Plug Vibrating Anal Beads
Happiness Plug Vibrating Anal Beads

May your birthday be twice as hot and kinky as those in Fifty Shades of Grey. Why settle for vanilla sex when you can be sore down there after your special day?

Heat up that nudging and make that double penetration you have been thinking about all the time. Here in Lovegasm, we got a balloon-like anal toy to celebrate that kinkiness in you.

Have an explosive orgasm with this Happiness Plug Vibrating Anal Beads.

This product highlights its multi-speed vibrator that can be adjusted in seven modes. It only takes two Triple-A batteries to make it work. Use it all you want during foreplay. You know what they say—the longer the foreplay, the stronger the orgasm.

Enjoy the titillating sensation happening on your backside as your partner thrust your love tunnel. Get both your G and A spots stimulated simultaneously. And once you are nearing climax, pull the beads out one by one and make that explosive finish happen.

Thanks to the silicone base material of this device, this device's skinlike texture gives off that feeling of accommodating a cock in your booty. This toy's softness and suppleness can also be attributed to its silicone content. You can rest assured you are utilizing only the best your sweet baby bum deserves.

Grab that water-based lube before you begin. Smother your device with it and add some more to your butthole area. Using emollient as you go anal will prevent you from experience painful skin-tearing. As you know, your backside can't be rushed into action and, most notably, not capable of self-lubricating. So it would be best to be careful when dealing with it.

Clean this toy before and after use with a cloth damped in the solution of warm water and mild soap. Remove the batteries before storing the toy to avoid leakage.

So, make your birthday sex fun and exciting. Grab this one now!


Color Blue, Purple, Rose red
Material Silicone
Total Length: 6.30 inches
Insertable Length: 3.86 inches
Handle: N/A
Beads: 0.82 inch, 1.14 inches


Happiness Plug Vibrating Anal Beads

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  • $121.65

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